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Our people

Dedication in action

We have a large team of people who serve our residents and enable them to live more abundantly.

Our board

The board is responsible for governance, which includes accountability for Bethany Christian Care’s strategic direction, broad policy and overall performance.

Our board also leads our culture of safe, non-discriminatory and quality care services. It operates under our Constitution and according to our governance policy manual.

We use the ‘Carver’ governance model.

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Ross McCorkell


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Kent Gellatly

Deputy Chair

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Sonya Blair


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Simon Fawssett


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Anthony Wright


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John Skinner


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Trevor Yarrow


Our board

Our executive leadership team

Our executive leadership team is headed by our CEO who is responsible to the board for the day-to-day management of Bethany Christian Care.

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Rohan Reid

Chief Executive Officer

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Michael Harding

People Manager

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Francois Oosthuizen

Finance Manager

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Jodie Shannon

Residential Care Manager

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Jason Coles

Physical Assets Manager

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Eleanor Mitchell

Systems and Processes Manager

Our care management

Led by the Residential Care Manager, our care management team is responsible for supporting our residents' day-to-day care and wellbeing at each of our aged care facilities.

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Linda Lau

Care Manager
The Plains

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Jodie Shannon

Care Manager
Beth Eden

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Deepak Masih

Care Manager
Janoah Gardens

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Work with us

You can turn your career into your calling at Bethany Christian Care.

If you have a call on your life to serve older people, we want to hear from you. We will support you, give you opportunities to grow, and celebrate with you as you enable our residents to live abundantly.

Bethany Christian Care

The Plains

333 Underwood Road
Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113

Janoah Gardens

11 Audell Street
Manly West, QLD 4179

Beth Eden

19 Bell Terrace
Graceville, QLD 4075